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FREE Shower Dispenser with Bulk Purchase of SOOTSOAP Hand & Body Soap or Shampoo 1.89L bulk format
Give your crew an extra level of protection after contamination with SOOTSOAP detoxifying & deodorizing Hand & Body Soap and Shampoo right in the showers. Now available in a handy, easy-to-refill, cost-saving 1.89L format, you'll not only get rid of THAT smell, but you'll know you're washing away toxins too.
We want to help you get there, with our FREE Shower Dispenser Offer. For a limited time, with every 3 cases ordered of our 1.89L jugs (4 jugs per case), you will receive one (1) high-quality, touch-free, 700ml capacity shower dispenser valued at $129.00 CDN.
Please contact us via the form below or with an email to for an official quote.

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Offer valid with official SOOTSOAP-provided quotes only on our 1.89L formats. Dispensers may be purchased separately.
SOOTSOAP decontaminating and deodorizing Shampoo and Hand & Body Soap will have you saying "Smell me!"

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