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Our mandate is to remove chemicals, not to add to them. That’s why all of our products are made with the highest quality, carefully selected and sourced, natural or naturally-derived ingredients that harness plant power to protect skin from pollutants. 

All Sootsoap products are 100% biodegradable and cruelty free - safe for your skin and hair, and safer for the environment.

Sootsoap Supply Co. - Ingredients - White Charcoal


Sootsoap detoxifying and deodorizing products contain key ingredient Binchotan Charcoal, or White Charcoal, made from the branches of the Japanese oak tree.

Binchotan has a higher carbon content, density, hardness and ignition point versus conventional charcoal, giving it a porous structure with powerful adsorption properties. This centuries-old ingredient has a uniquely effective ability to extract toxins and impurities and even the toughest odours in just one wash, without drying you out. 

White Charcoal is regarded as the best quality charcoal available, and, ironically, gives Sootsoap products their unique black colouring.

Read more about how Charcoal works, why we double down on Binchotan, and some answers to some not-so FAQs about Charcoal.

Sootsoap Supply Co. - Ingredients - Aloe


Aloe is known for boosting the immune system and for its antibacterial properties, and aloe skin is a rich antioxidant. Sootsoap uses aloe in a variety of ways to maximize the benefit of this power plant.

Sootsoap Supply Co. - Ingredients - Broccoli & Wild Cabbage


Broccoli and Wild Cabbage are both abundant sources of a unique chemical called sulforaphane, a known detoxification enzyme. Sulforaphane actually fights off malignant cells in the body and is commonly used as a cancer preventative.

Sootsoap Supply Co. - Ingredients - Natural Plant Oils and Essences


Natural plant oils and essences round out our ingredient list. Our products contain a proprietary mix of lemon, mint, tea tree, bergamot, orange, coriander, sage and/or other plant essences to provide additional antioxidant, detoxifying, antibacterial, deodorizing, soothing and stimulating characteristics for our line-up of personal care products. Plus, they smell really great - like nothing you have had in your shower before!

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