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My husband, a firefighter, came home late one night after a live fire training session when I was already in bed and half asleep. Instead of settling into a cuddle, I woke up to the overpowering smell of smoke on his skin. I asked why he didn't shower before coming to bed. He answered "I showered three times".

That really stuck with me. If this smell was so hard to get rid of, what else was being absorbed into his - into our friends', his crew's, our family's - skin that we couldn't see? That soap and water wasn't cutting? That was carried through to his clothes, the car, our home, these sheets and some day to our daughter?

We now know the statistics - we know firefighters are much more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than the average individual, and we now know that carcinogenic chemicals associated with firefighting are seeping through skin. The number one cause of death for firefighters is cancer, and it's preventable.

I am with a man who walks into fire to protect others because I know he will take every conceivable precaution to come home to us. I am not okay with those toxins coming with him.

Fighting Back

We started looking for natural, powerhouse ingredients to adsorb and discard of not only that smell, but the hundreds, even thousands of toxic chemicals that make up our building materials, furniture and decor items that make our lives comfortable.

We discovered powerful resources like Binchotan White Charcoal - an incredibly adsorbent charcoal used for over a thousand years in Japan - and other strong, natural detoxifiers and anti-oxidants with immune boosting properties that we have dubbed "charcoal & the detox trifecta". We found we were able to harness amazing plants with intense deodorizing and anti-fungal properties, and all without stripping the skin of healthy oils.

Sootsoap Supply Co.

We are SOOTSOAP. Our products are all natural, 100% biodegradeable and free from chemicals. In seeking to keep our firefighters and their families free from toxins, we have developed a powerful line of personal care products like nothing else on the market.

We fight fire with fire, and we've only just begun.


SOOTSOAP is all natural, 100% biodegradable, human tested, lab developed, firefamily owned and operated, and proudly made in Canada.


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