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Our goal is to make decontamination accessible to everyone and anyone with exposure. But at the end of day, decon protocol is a personal endeavour - we are all responsible for our own health. Only you can reduce your risk!

As a daily reminder to shower swiftly following an incident or after donning our gear, the team at Sootsoap has created a series of posters which we will be providing to our customers in the coming months... And we are making these printable assets available free of charge to anyone who would like to offer a daily reminder to their members.

For FREE, print-ready poster art, just fill out the quick form below and you will receive an email with the information for download

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© Assets are 100% free to download and print for individual / department use only; all rights exclusively owned by Sootsoap Supply Co. Ltd., 2024. Any further reproduction or communication of this material is prohibited and enforceable under the Copyright Protection Act.

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