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SOOTSOAP'S 12 Days of Gifting

SOOTSOAP 12 days of Gifting

Stuck for ideas this holiday season? Check out our 12 DAYS OF GIFTING, and make sure you've signed up to our newsletter (⬇) to be notified about our fun holiday deals, giveaways and bonuses! PLUS, follow us on Instagram for chances to WIN!

Now you know we have the perfect gift for the firefighter in your life, but follow along as we share ideas for high quality, sustainable and thoughtful gifts for the other specials in your life as well.

SOOTSOAP's 12 Days of Gifting - Day 1, the Art of Exfoliation

SILICONE SCRUBBERS not only give a super sleek, antibacterial option to that nasty, bacteria-filled loofah, they are flexible enough to get at all the crevices and creases where toxins, bacteria, grease and grime can hide, scrubbing it away without roughing you up. Plus, the ergonomic handle makes it easy to use without worrying about slippage.

The large Body Scrubber is great for just that - in-shower use on all your parts, with maximum coverage. The smaller Face Scrubbers present a Gentle and a Firm option for facial exfoliation. All three Scrubbers are great gift box fillers and stocking stuffers. Protip - keep a face scrubber at your hand washing station for getting under nails (a great gift for gardeners!!!) and to encourage little ones to wash. Our toddler is obsessed with ours!

*DAY 1 Promotional Offer and Giveaway is Now Closed. Congratulations to our winner Tyler Fournier! 

DAY 2: SOOTSOAP's 12 Days of Gifting - Takeaway

YOU CAN'T ALWAYS CHOOSE WHAT YOU ARE EXPOSED TO. Maybe exposure is a part of your job - you're a firefighter, miner, construction worker; You're in agriculture, fabrication, nuclear power or welding. Maybe it's where you live - an urban area with pollution. Maybe you chemically treat your hair and treat your pool with chlorine ... Whatever is the source of your exposure, make sure you're ready to deal with it wherever you are.

Our handy dandy, sleek and sexy Mini Dopp Kit with 3-Piece Carry Kit makes sure you always have your SOOTSOAP at-the-ready for when soap just doesn't cut it. Each kit includes three ways to detox, deep clean and beat nasty odours, and is self-contained in our heavy duty, water resistant, mini silicone dopp kit. It's perfect for the locker, vehicle, go bag, gym bag or carry-on, and makes a great one-and-done holiday gift.

Mini Dopp Kit Bundle Includes:
(1) Mini Dopp Kit
(1) SOOTSOAP Shampoo (60ml)
(1) SOOTSOAP Hand & Body Soap (60ml)
(1) SOOTSOAP Odour Spray (60ml)
(1) Bilingual Product Pamphlet

IF YOU TAKEAWAY ONE THING, it shouldn't be those toxins. Let it be your choice to deal with them.

 *DAY 2 Promotional Offer and Giveaway is Now Closed. Congratulations to our winner @Ben_prs12!


DAY 3 of SOOTSOAP'S 12 Days of Gifting - Premium Hand Sanitizer - As smooth as it is soft


WE HAVE A PROBLEM. I sent a sample of our Hand Sanitizer over a year ago to someone who was all sani'd out.

"HandSanitizer is a dirty word over here" she said. I totally understand that - we all needed it but couldn't find it. We finally had access, so we loaded up. And in many cases we got dinged HARD for it. Now we're stuck with foul smelling, sticky or watery, bartender-turned-sani-technician-made, gargantuan bottles of Hand Sanitizer that we 'have to get through', and retailers can't give it away. At least it has a 10 year shelf life I suppose...

With all of this swill kicking around, shoved in our face and hands at every store, every restaurant, salon, market, business and home, we're over it. It all sucks and we're over it.

Our problem is this. Hand Sanitizer has just always been bad. And there are so many bad ones to choose from! Cheap bad ones, expensive bad ones, bad ones in nice bottles, bad ones in bad bottles... and people just accept that they're bad. So it's hard to believe that ours is markedly better. Even great. 

WHY IS HAND SANITIZER SO BAD? Why does it smell soooooo awful?! How is it only 62% alcohol and still like pouring raunchy tequila over our skin? And how is it we, this little Company in small town Canada could possible have the best Hand Sani? Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe our lab is smarter. Or we collectively cared more. Or we got lucky. I really don't know, but it is y'all. It is.

So for Day 3 of our 12 Days of Gifting, we celebrate our "game changing" Hand Sani and those that love it.

SOOTSOAP Premium Hand Sani Gel doesn't smell like alcohol - it actually smells delicious (shout out to Sarah D., who's review said she "would like to bathe in it". Please don't.) - in fact, it smells like fresh peppermint... likely because 1 of our only 5 ingredients is in fact real peppermint.

It doesn't dry out your hands - it actually leaves them softer after you use it, with no filmy residue. Nurse Rachel says "my poor hands have been dried, cracked and bleeding from sanitizing so much... [SOOTSOAP] feels silky when rubbed on and leaves hands smooth not sticky".

It's a real, lab-developed, Health Canada & FDA approved Sani, made in Canada with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and 70%+ ethyl alcohol (what hospitals require), and it's really very good. In fact, better than anything you've tried.

That sample that was sent over a year ago - we got a message not too long ago written with complete surprise that our Sani is "actually incredible! Literally the best I've ever tried"! We get this a lot. We're getting kind of cocky about it.


So. Let's get some bottles out there, shall we? Mind blown or your money back.

*DAY 3 Promotional Offer and Giveaway is Now Closed. Congratulations @ang_ogrady, winner of our Hand Sani prize pack!



WHAT IS CLEAN BEAUTY? Here at SOOTSOAP, we're focused on one thing - making incredible products that clean you on a different level. But keeping the dirty out also means not allowing the dirty in. What does that mean?

We only use natural, or naturally derived ingredients, and even though we smell incredible, you won't see any added "fragrances", because we feel like it's perverse to add more chemicals into the dangerous cocktail on - and in - our bodies already, and quite frankly, only makes our jobs more difficult.

But CLEAN BEAUTY is more than just being natural, or organic, or pure. It's about staying away from even potentially harmful ingredients in our formulations. In the EU there are over 1,300 ingredients that are banned from use in Cosmetic products. In Canada there are 500 banned or restricted in use. In the United States there are 11. It is this confusion and inconsistency that made it so important to us to apply for a Clean Certification from CertClean.

"CertClean is not a certification for products with a certain quantity of natural or organic ingredients but a certification for products free from ingredients that may pose risk to our hormonal, reproductive and or neurological systems, like talcum powder, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, and hundreds more... CertClean is a certification which prioritizes human health", just like we do.

Our commitment to eliminating all harmful ingredients goes back to our origins and is a commitment to our own process as well. The products you see on our storefront took years and multiple formulations in lab to develop (16 just to get to launch!) because of this commitment, and there are many more that have been in research & development for even longer.

The 2021 Clean Beauty Awards recognized this commitment when they awarded SOOTSOAP Detoxifying & Deodorizing Shampoo with the top prize in the Hair Wash Category! We are proud to be Certified CLEAN and proud to have the recognition of an incredible product on so many fronts.

When you're looking for Clean products, look for a Certification like CertClean versus a blanket marketing statement. Make sure the product you are cleaning your body with can back up any and all statements made on the bottle or in their marketing materials.

It's your health, and it's everything. 

 *Day 4 Promotional Offer is Now Closed.  

SOOTSOAP 12 Days of Gifting Day 5 - A Wax and a Shave


BETTER THAN A BOX. You might notice we're SUPER picky about what we choose as accessory products on our site. We don't do chachkis. If it isn't premium quality, well made, durable, gets us cleaner, or gets us more organized to be cleaner, we don't want it. Plus, we shoot for sustainability and are always on the lookout for Made in Canada products.⁠

This one is a knockout.⁠

I travel a fair amount (okay, I used to...), and I always wonder where to put my razor. I don't want to shove it in my dopp kit / toiletry bag with all my skincare products and hair elastics and shampoo - what if the cap comes off and I cut my thumb off while reaching in there (I may or may not have a problem cutting off bits of my thumb...), or everything else gets wet from whatever water residue is left in there? But I don't want it loose either - that seems worse. I also want the option of checking it if flying. This little bag solved that for me.⁠

It's a wax cotton, water resistant, roll-down dopp kit that is wicked to hold your shave stuff. Really it could hold any of your stuff (and also function as a gift bag to hold holiday treasures like SOOTSOAP!), but I love the toughness of it for my razor. I don't worry about nicking it or getting it wet, and it just rolls down, snaps closed, and gets shoved wherever I need to shove it.⁠

PLUS, it's made in Canada (hand sewn in Vancouver) and is a really nice deep moss colour. Our new Well Kept accessories will keep you ... well, well kept. ⁠

 *Day 5 Promotional Offer is Now Closed.  

SOOTSOAP's 12 Days of Gifting, Day 6 - Smells a'Slaying


TWAS THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS and as much as you wished,
You couldn't get past the stank in your midst.

The cookies were made, the presents had bows,
But all you could sense was your poor, poor nose.

It didn't matter how much you cleaned,
Or sprayed or scrubbed or rubbed or steamed,

Whatever you did, it wouldn't come out,
That offending smell on the tip of your snout.

'Please, please, please', to the elves you pray,
'Let Santa come and leave me a spray!'

'That gets rid of the garbage, the smoke, the fish,
The fuel, the grease, those smells that persist!'

For as smart as you are, you just didn't see
That SOOTSOAP was here to answer your plea.

Our Odour Spray will clean it up quick -
that smell that led you to ole' Saint Nick.

And to celebrate Gifting on this 6th day,
20% off is our Odour Spray!

Here it is, packed and ready for flight -
Happy Christmas to all, and a shipment o'ernight.

 *Day 6 Promotional Offer is Now Closed.  

SOOTSOAP's 12 Days of Gifting, Day 7 - Slow is smooth and smooth is fresh


WOMEN ARE SECONDARY in the quality razor market, which is bizarre when you think about it. Sure, we have loads of throwaway razors, all pretty pinks and pastels (which is 100% what we're after, right ladies?), but if you google 'gifts for women', you're not as likely to find a shaving kit in those guides as you are a bubble bath. Google 'gifts for men' and 9 times out of 10 you'll see a nice, high quality, sterling silver razor and shaving brush kit ready for gifting.

Why is that, when women arguably shave much more of their body than men? *For the record - I am speaking statistically here. Some men shave more, some women shave less ... zero judgement either way*

This is why I love this Safety Razor by Canadian Company Well Kept - it is unbiased to your bits. Great for men's faces and women's gams equally, this solid brass safety razor has such a lovely and balanced weight that applies the perfect amount of pressure as it glides effortlessly over your skin, and a sharp single blade that cuts hair close to the skin on the first pass, offering a smooth, irritation-free shave. It also gives women the same high quality, sustainable option over plastic razors, and comes in a lovely recyclable box with square corners that wrap easily.

 *Day 7 Promotional Offer is Now Closed.  


SOOTSOAP'S 12 Days of Gifting - Day 8 - the New Weekender

WHO SAYS DOPP KIT? Apparently a German leather goodsman named Charles Doppelt decided the word 'toilet' was unseemly, and thereby named the current 'toilet bag' the 'dopp kit' in 1926, after which every soldier henceforth received a "dopp kit". I kind of feel that way when I have to ask for 'les toilettes' in France. I much prefer the UK's 'WC' - or water closet.  I guess it's why we always call them dopp kits here as well, versus the more Canadian 'toiletry bag'. Less unziemlich.

Interestingly, in german, 'dopp' translates to double. Double kit. How à propos, 'cause this fella is a big guy.

This guy is not only big enough to hold your SOOTSOAP 250mls (plus other stuff or whatever), it's water/leak resistant, incredibly tough with a heavy duty zipper, and is made of easy-to-wipe, antibacterial, hard-to-beat-up silicone.


*Day 8 Promotional Offer is Now Closed.  

SOOTSOAP's 12 Days of Gifting, Day 9 - Giving Back

GIVE 'EM YOUR BACK. Guys, B.C. has had a really tough go of it. Between the fires and the floods, the hoarding (again), and the road closures, they've had a worse year than many of us. Our Fit to Fight Fire tees were an effort to support B.C. fire & fire-related causes, with all proceeds going back to this community.

We have a couple of sizes left in all 3 styles (men's tees, women's tees, women's tanks), and we're hoping to sell out so we can make some more in a new style and keep this cycle of giving going. 

Give the gift of a Fit for Fire tee, from which proceeds go to B.C. fire-related causes, AND ... you get a FREE 60ml Hand Sani! Just add both to cart and the code will be applied automatically. This one is valid until the end of the year, or while supplies last. Thank you for your support!


SOOTSOAP's 12 Days of Gifting, Day 10 - deck the Halls

I KNEW IT HAD TO BE CHARCOAL. SOOTSOAP was born out of 2 years of research (now 4 and counting); out of passion and frustration that this product didn't exist, despite the obvious need for it. I knew it had to be charcoal, and after much more research, that it had to be Binchotan. I explored partnerships with countless labs/manufacturers, and was told several times that no one was using charcoal (way off base, not to mention completely irrelevant), so why was I so 'married to it'? I was told it would be easier if we didn't 'have' to be all natural. That I couldn't own my formula. We solved all of these annoying oppositions to our mission with our lab partner in B.C., Canada, who not only got my vision, but added so much to it. As amazing as charcoal is, it wasn't enough. There was more we could do. Our formula not only is saturated with the most adsorbent material known to (wo)mankind, we also harness other powerhouse, natural ingredients, including those I like to call the "Detox Trifecta".

Our Hand & Body Soap is formulated specifically for skin exposed to toxins, impurities and environmental pollutants (just our Shampoo is formulated for hair and scalp ... we find when you try to combine the two, you do neither justice). It is specially designed as a concentrated solution that is easy to apply and coats your skin expertly, maximizing coverage, exposure and cleanliness. A little also goes a long way.

In honour of our original, and everlasting mission to deck the Halls with decon solutions, our sometimes copied, never duplicated, OG Hand & Body Soap is 20% off (all sizes).

PLUS, until the end of the year, get a FREE 60ml Shampoo with every purchase of a Hand & Body Soap 250ml, 500ml or 1.89L, so you can see and feel the difference. Just add a 60ml Shampoo to your order and enter code "THEOG" at checkout.

*Day 10 promotional offer and FREE 60ml Shampoo is available until 11:59PM EST on Dec 31, 2021.

 SOOTSOAP's 12 Days of Gifting - Day 11 - Give 'em coal

THREE WISE MEN once used the SOOTSOAP minis found in their stocking, were astounded at how it got rid of that smell like MAGIC, and the toxins that caused it. Three other men didn't get the gift of decon. Not all stories have happy endings.

In honour of it being our LAST DAY FOR DELIVERIES BEFORE CHRISTMAS, we suggest you beef up that stocking, with a killer deal on our minis - buy 4 get 1 FREE! This includes our Hand & Body Soap, Shampoo, Odour Spray and Hand Sani. Just use code B4GOMINI at checkout!

*Day 11 promotional offer and FREE 60ml offer is available until 11:59PM EST on Dec 31, 2021.


SOOTSOAP's 12 Days of Gifting, Day 12 - the burden of choice


DON'T LOOK LIKE A CHUMP. Forgot a gift? It might be too late to ship, but our e-gift cards are always available at

For day 12 of our 12 Days of Gifting (link in profile, or search "12 days" at, we honour those you forgot (woops), the shipments that didn't make it (blurgh), the person who got you a gift but who doesn't have one under your tree (aye yaye yaye), the half empty stockings (oh no!), and the e-card recipients (gotta love quarantine).

PROMO: For every $25 in SOOTSOAP gift cards purchased from now until the end of the year, get $5 off. Just enter code GIFTCARDBONUS at checkout.

Happy Christmas everyone! Please stay safe this holiday season,

Dee & your friends at SOOTSOAP.  

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