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SOOTSOAP Detoxifying & Deodorizing Shampoo with Charcoal wins 1ST Place in the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards

Sootsoap takes home 2 awards in the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards

Sootsoap Supply Co. Ltd. takes home 2 awards in the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards, a global award program honouring the best performing Clean Beauty products.

1ST PRIZE: SOOTSOAP Detoxifying & Deodorizing Shampoo has won 1st Place in the Hair Wash Category for the 2nd year.

Clean Beauty Awards Judge Tonie says "I loved this shampoo ... it performed amazingly. The ingredients are amazing and it provided a nice lather, which is rare in the clean shampoo world. It has a really nice light and natural scent and left my hair feeling soft and healthy".

Judge Julia speaks to the surprising black colouring of SOOTSOAP due to deep cleaning Binchotan Charcoal: "Well this was a surprise - a pleasant one I might add. Cleanses hair without stripping it, keeps it clean for a good 3 days, non-irritating and ... froths into a white foam and is easy to rinse out. A big thumbs up from me"!

2ND PRIZE: SOOTSOAP Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel wins 2nd Place in the new Hand Sanitizer category.

Clean Beauty Influencer and Judge Sylvia Soo says "Simple and straightforward ingredients that include ale and peppermint. Aloe is useful for those suffering from eczema. I've found other hand sanitizers to be quite drying, eventually causing a skin rash over time. The aloe vera leaf juice is a welcome ingredient!"

Judge Chantel says: "This hand sanitizer is a good option for travel. The scent is a nice light mint smell with a texture that is right in between alcohol and aloe - which is great. It also dries quickly which is a plus".

Sootsoap congratulates all 455 entries from Canada, the US, Australia and throughout Europe for your focus on creating cleaner products. We're honoured to be among you.


About the Clean Beauty Awards 

The annual Clean Beauty Awards recognizes the best performing beauty and personal care products, manufactured without the use of known harmful chemicals, from across the globe. The products are evaluated and ranked based on product performance by an eminent judging panel of green beauty influencers and advocates. The mission is simple: to accelerate the growth of the clean beauty movement so safer skincare is the new norm.

About CertClean. The distinction brands need. The certification shoppers trust.

CertClean, a leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products, assesses, approves and certifies clean beauty products free from 1400+ harmful chemicals – look for 1000+ products proudly bearing the CertClean mark. CertClean’s mission is to elevate clean beauty products to make safer skincare the new

Not only is CertClean the leading certification for safer skincare, CertClean is also the organizer of the annual Clean Beauty Awards.

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