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SOOTSOAP named Finalist in the 2021 Canada Post Tales of Triumph Contest

SOOTSOAP named Finalist in the 2021 Canada Post Tales of Triumph Contest

We are so honoured to have been named a Finalist in the Canada Post Tales of Triumph Contest!

Tales of Triumph is a celebration - a platform - that honours the resiliency of Canadian Small Businesses, and we are proud to be listed side by side with such amazing entrepreneurs and community builders as our fellow Finalists and judging panel. 

Building a business isn't just about finding a good idea - it takes an incredible amount of gumption, commitment, support ... and dogged perseverance against what can seem like never-ending hurdles.

This year has been so tough for so many. To have made it through this tumultuous time is an especially amazing Triumph. To all of those that submitted your businesses to this platform, congratulations. You entered out of pride because you have done something amazing, and we see you. We continue to focus on Canadian innovation, resourcefulness and manufacturing because we support you and the great potential of our country.

SOOTSOAP was never just a business, not to any of us. It was originally developed specifically for firefighters to decontaminate and deodorize following toxic exposure; to clean the uncleanable. And we're not even close to being done.

To be recognized here, and in this category means the world to me, and we look forward to showcasing our business alongside Canada Post as a Tale of Triumph. Watch for more information to come!



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