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Buffalo Fire Dept

Buffalo Fire Dept's Union, Local 282, Secures Funding for Personal Decon

Buffalo Professional Firefighters Local 282 knows the importance of personal decontamination for their members in order to reduce the risk of cancer and other illness following exposure, and didn't let a little thing like funding stand in their way.

Working with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Buffalo, NY on a Cancer Committee, Local 282's President & Vice President Vince Vantresca and Tim Max spearheaded the initiative that would change the personal decon protocol for Buffalo FD.

Thanks to Tim and Vinny's diligence and the 100 Club of Buffalo's incredible generosity and recognition of the importance of personal decon in risk reduction for their members, #BuffaloFD has partnered with Sootsoap Supply Co. to outfit their members with Sootsoap personal decontamination products following exposure.

Thank you Tim, Vinny and #100ClubofBuffalo for your dogged pursuit of improving the health of your members. We at #Sootsoap could not be more proud to be your partner in this mission!

Read more from the 100 Club of Buffalo HERE.

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